China goes RV


A Chinese business man named Winston Chung has made a deal with an american RV company to build and export $5 billion worth of them. The Chinese government has targeted the RV industry as they see RV as the perfect complement to China´s ideal of family life. “A family with an RV is a family more in harmony with each other” says Chung.

His company, Winston Global Energy produces rechargeable electric batteries for a wide range of vehicles and it is the only one in the world producing batteries for buses.

The negative environmental part is that the RV building deal is only to produce gasoline powered RVs which are very popular in China. It´s a pity that Chung’s company producing batteries the deal is for gasoline powered RVs. But Chung himself hopes that in the near future RVs will be electrically powered, as they already developed a prototype.

It would be great to see electric RVs!

Source: L.A. Times


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