Dance and be “green”!

So much energy is wasted in dance clubs: loud music, lighting, ventilation… but this has come to an end! A Dutch company based in Rotterdam, a heavy clubbing city, has created the sustainable dance floor.

What is the sustainable dance floor?

The Sustainable Dance Floor (SDF) uses dancing and moving people as a sustainable source of energy,

As they state in the company website:

To create electricity, the floor will compress 10mm when being stepped on. This small compression is enough to activate the internal generator of that module that will produce up to 35 Watt of sustained output per module.

The dance floor being a scalable floor with modules of 75x75x20 cm each, allows for a large amount of possible sizes, shapes and designs of the setup. The experience can be custom designed for clients to fit any requirement.

It is  really interesting, imagine the possibilities of this kind of floor tiles, maybe not that much on a sidewalk, because they go 1 cm down when you step on them, but definitely every dance club should have this sort of flooring!


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